ONYX – Electro Project

ONYX – Alternative Electro JazzWorld

Concert for Saxophone, Keyboard, Percussions & Electronics. Melodic , Poetic & Romantism Emotions. Improvisation & Virtuosity

Born of the fusion between the classical saxophonist Nicolas Prost and the improviser pianist Emmanuel Lerouge, Digitstorming imposes a fed contemporary identity of pop jazz romantical influence in a Electro Universe.


  • Nicolas Prost, Acoustic & Midi Saxophone
  • Emmanuel Lerouge, Keyboard, Piano, Composition & Programming https://www.lerouge-music.com/
  • Cédric Cyprien, Percussions

https://www.lerouge-music.com / MORE INFORMATIONS

download.jpg     CD ONYX / 2019

more DISCOGRAPHY .   https://www.lerouge-music.com/discographie

download-1.jpg     CD DIGITSTORMING