Saxiana Historic Collection

Since 1990, Saxiana and the saxophonist Nicolas Prost is always looking for works for the classical saxophone forgotten, rare, unpublished. Nicolas Prost collects a great deal of information from families, heirs to manuscripts, from private collections as well as from National Libraries, Universities or special Foundations. These works are kept in memory in the funds of the Saxiana collection and are currently and punctually represented to the public in discographic, editorial or concert form. This list is a selection (many other complete works have been observed and discovered (for example orchestral works included saxophone solo or saxophone section)

In addition to this work, Nicolas Prost has collected solos in the Film by the great french saxophonist Marcel Mule, Films realized between 1930 and 1955 (Ibert, Tomasi, Thiriet, Scotto, Jaubert, Wiener, Hubeau, Honegger, Auric, Milhaud..). You could appreciate the characteristic lyrical sound of the legend and some rare recordings of his debut career. A CD is now available to listen more than 60 audios extracts, = please contact to buy it.

1844Berlioz, HectorHymne sacré pour les instruments de saxChamber music
5′Wind sextet included Bs in EbReconstitution Printed
1845Fessy, AlexandreFantaisie pour musique militaire d’infanterieMilitary
5′Wind band included sax sectionOut of printBNF
1846Kastner, Jean-GeorgeMéthodeSolo + chamber music

A Sax sextetOut of printPrivate Gourdet collection
1852Stadtfeld, AlexMarche russeChamber music
?SATB (extract)Manuscript copyFredonia
1854Saint-SaensPsaume super flumina babylonisVocal music
8′SATB + string orchestra + organ + solo voicesUnpublished score and partsGarde republicaine bibliot 
1861Jonas, EmilePrièreChamber music
4′SAATTBsOut of printBNF
1863Kreutzer, LeonQuatuorChamber music
4′SATBOut of printBNF
1863Limnander, ArmandQuintetteChamber music
5′SSATBOut of printBNF
1865Thomas, Ambroise2 chants de l’ancien pérouChamber music
4′3 AManuscript copyBNF
1865Thomas, AmbroiseMarche religieuseOrchestra
5′A (+T)Out of printBNF
1869Elwart, AntoinePrière des petits enfantsChamber music
2′ A + voice + pianoOut of printBNF
1877Franck, CésarPetite pièce d’entrée pour concours (morceau de lecture)Chamber music
3′? solo + pianoUnpublshedBNF
1877Mayeur, LouisRécréationChamber music
5′A+T+ pianoOut of printBNF
1880Buot, VictorMorceau d’élévationMilitary
6′A + piano or organ or wind bandOut of printBNF
1882Lecocq, CharlesLe cœur et la mainOperaOuverture4′SATBManuscript copyFredonia
1882Franck, CésarHuldaOpéraLe choeur des pêcheurs3′ATTB + 4 voices (or piano)Manuscript CopyBNF
1884Dukas, PaulOndine et le pêcheurVocal music
6′Solo voice + chamber orchestra included AManuscript copyMorgan library
1886Dubois, Charles-FerdinandVerone FantaisieConcerto
6′A sax partOut of printBNF
1887Pierne, GabrielsérénadeChamber music
3′A + pianoOut of printBNF
1889D’indy, VincentFervaalOperaLes nuées6′SAAT + female voices + orchestraPrinted arrangement version with piano
1894Saint-Saens, CamilleLes noces de prométhéevocal

Large orchestra included 3 saxophonesManuscript copyBNF
1896Ratez, EmileDans la forêtChamber music
4′A + pianoOut of printBNF
1900Fauré, GabrielProméthéeSymphonic
20′Large orchestra included 8 saxophonesManuscript copyBNF
1902Moratin, Henri-AugustinQuintetteChamber music
4′AATTBOut of printBNF
1904Longy, GeorgesRapsodie-lentoConcerto
6′A + 6 instr.Out of printBNF
1905Caplet, AndréImpression d’automneChamber musicElegie5′A + oboe + 2 clar + bassoon, + 2 celli + harp + organManuscript copyPrivate collection
1905Caplet, AndréLégendeChamber music
10′A sax partManuscript copyBNF
1906Waele, E deQuintetteMilitary
4′S(A) AATBOut of printBNF
1907Mouquet, JulesRapsodieConcerto
7′A + wind bandOut of printBNF

Bumcke, GustavZwei quartetteChamber music
6′SATBOut of printImslp
1910Combelle, FrançoisGrande methode moderneChamber music

Included G.Chauvet SATBOut of printPrivate Gourdet collection
1910Dupin, PaulChant pour saxophone à ceux qui partentChamber music
7′A + chamber + chorus + 4 violas + 2 harpsManuscript copyBlumenthal library NEC
1912Levidis, DimitriosVariationsChamber music
8′Chamber noneto included TManuscript copyBNF
? before 1914Dupont, Gabriel ?Lecture à vueChamber music
2′A + pianoCopy of manuscriptMediatheque Cnsmsdp
1914Pessard, EmileRêverieChamber music
3′A + pianoOut of printBNF
1915Holbrooke, JosephSerenadefor 12 instrumentsChamber music

5 sax + 6 wind + viola + harpOut of printImslp
1919Briard, RaymondMéthode pour l’étude de tous les saxophonesSolo

Out of printPrivate Gourdet collection
1922Balay, Guillaume2 Lectures à vueChamber music
2′ + 2′A + piano T + pianoCopy of manuscriptMediatheque cnsmdp
1924Cras, JeanDanseChamber music
4′SATBManuscript CopyFamily
1924Cras, JeanDemain, prélude et danseChamber music
Manuscript Copy arrangement version SA with pianoFamily
1929Widoeft, RudyValse vanitéChamber music
3′A + pianoManuscript (sax part)Source incertain
1929Migot , GeorgesLecture à vueChamber music
3′A + pianoManuscript copyStrasbourg Université
1930Vogel, WladimirWagadus untergang durch die eitelket, oratorioVocal
74′5 sax + solo voices + chorusOut of printPrivate Gourdet collection
1930Balay, GuillaumePièce de concoursChamber musicOriginal or transcription ??3′A + pianoCopy of manuscriptPrivate collection
?Schulhoff, ErwinJazz concertinoChamber music
6′Violin + A/S + pianoUnachevied Unpublished score
1931Larmanjat, JacquesMélancolie, solo de saxoFilm
2′A + piano (from the film)Out of printBNF
1931Saguet, LouisSuite pour un orchestre ouvrierChamber music
15′Miwed ensemble included sax quartet AATBManuscript copyBNF
1931Gontier, E.TrahisonChamber music
3′A + pianoOut of printBNF
1932Decruck, FernandePrelude et toccataSoloMéthode Ecole moderne du saxophone (co- M.Decruck)3′AOut of printBNF
1933Decruck, FernandePavaneChamber music
4′SATBManuscript copyFamily
1934Milhaud , DariusPan et la syrinxVocal
15′A + flute + oboe + bassoon + piano + voicesPrintedSalabert collection
1934Gaillard, Marius FrançoisNoite sobre o tejoChamber music
4′A sax + pianoCopy of manuscriptBNF
1934David, Karl HeinrichQuartettChamber music
8′A + violin + cello + pianoManuscriptPrivate Gourdet collection
1934Jaubert, MauriceL’AtalanteFilm music

Symphonic included solo AsaxManuscript copyBNR Arts et spectacles
1934Decruck, FernandeSaxophonesques vol1 & 2Chamber music
20′AAOut of print
1934Decruck, FernandeSaxophoniettaChamber music
3′A + pianoManuscript copyFamily
1934Decruck, FernandeThe golden saxChamber music
3′A + pianoManuscript copyFamily
1934Decruck, FernandeSaxophonieChamber music
5′SATBOut of printBNF
1934Larsson, Lars-ErikRascher ValseChamber music
3′A + pianoManuscript copyFredonia
1934Larsson, Lars-ErikIm Zehn minutenSolo
2′AManuscript copyFredonia
1935Viard, Jules3 pièces (douce berceuse , rondo, bonsoir)Chamber music
9′A + pianoOut of printBNF
1935Laurent, LeoKing saxoConcerto
5′A + jazz orchetsra or pianoOut of printBNF
1938Milhaud, DariusLe faiseurChamber music
10′Fl + sax + clar + percManuscript copyBNF arts et spectacle
1935Villa-Lobos, HeitorA roseiraChamber music
1’30SSATBOut of printMuseu Villa-Lobos Rio
1936Mengold , PaulQuartettChamber music
8′A + clar + violin + celloManuscriptPrivate Gourdet collection
1936Capdevielle, PierreExorcismeSolo
6′AOut of printPrivate Gourdet collection
1936Milhaud, DariusJules cesarChamber music
20′Quintet including Asax (or clar)Copy of manuscriptBNF Arts et spectacle
1936Hawkins, ColemanDevotionChamber music
4′T + pianoOut of printBNF
1937Rivier, JeanRêve (for Renault)Publicité
4′A + trp + pianoManuscript copyBNF
1937Beydts, LouisRomanesqueChamber music
3′A + pianoOut of printBNF
1937Maniere, LeonVingt piècesChamber music
30′SATBOut of printFamily
1937Maniere, LeonimpromptuChamber music
4′SATBOut of printFamily
1937Koechlin, CharlesDixtuor (final of the septuor)Chamber music
3′Wind instruments included AManuscript copy
1938Vellones, PierreCadixChamber musicStage music5′2 mondes martenot + 3 sax ATB + trp + piano + harp + doublebass + drumsManuscript copy
1938Milhaud, DariusLe bal des voleursSoloStage music10′Asax / Ssax (playing clar)Manuscript copyBNF Arts et spectacles
1938Jolivet, AndrédéchiffrageChamber music
2′A + PianoManuscript copyPrivate collection
1939Decruck, FernandeVariations saxophoniquesChamber music
8′SATBManuscript copyFamily
1940Carter, ElliottPastoralChamber music
11′A + pianoManuscript copyFredonia
1940Auric, GeorgesLe bal des voleursSoloStage musique10′Sax (playing clar)Manuscript copyBNF Arts et spectacles
1942Koechlin, CharlesSuite carnavalesqueChamber musicSilhouette de comédie
Bassoon or AManuscript copy esquisse onlyBNF
1942Koechlin, CharlesEtudesChamber music
30′A + pianoManuscriptPrivate Gourdet collection
1942Busch, AdolfNocturno on a negro spiritualConcerto
6′A + chamber orchestraManuscript copy (sax part only)Fredonia
1943Honegger, ArthurCallisto ou la petite nymphe de dianeCartoon
12′Chamber orchestra included AManuscript copyBNF
1943Hoerée, ArthurA la belle fregateFilm musicFox3′Chamber orchestra included 2 AManuscript copyBNF
1943Grainger, PercylisbonChamber music
3′SAATBManuscript copy
1943Decruck, FernandeDanses autour du mondeChamber music
8′A + piano or harpManuscript copyFamily
1943Honegger, ArthurMusique pour pasiphaeIncidental music
6′2 oboe + 2 bassoons + A + 2 clarinetPrinted
1943Decruck, FernandeSonate en ut#Concerto
18′A + symphonic orchestraManuscript copyFamily
1946Koechlin, CharlesPrélude op.209 n°5Chamber music
3′S + 4 horns + clar + harpUnpublished score
1946Roelens, A.Menuet vifChamber music
2′A + pianoOut of printBNF
1948Migot, Georgesprélude-lamentoChamber music
8′A + pianoManuscript copyBNF
1949Sauguet, HenriScapinIncidental musicDéploration2′A + tmpaniManuscript copyBNF
1951Fusco, GiovanniCronaca di un amoreFilm music
10′A + pianoManuscript copy
1952Jolivet, André2 fanfares pour MithridateIncidental music
4′2A + 2 trp + timpaniManuscript copyFamily + Private collection
1952Zender, HansKonzertinoConcerto
10′A + chamber orchestra1st time authorization by familyBreitkopf
1953MoondogOasisChamber music
4′3 sax

1954Hovhaness, AlanThe world beneath the seaChmaber quartet

Sax + perc + harpManuscript copyPrivate collection (Paul Cohen)
1955Migot, GeorgesQuatuorChamber music
15′SATBManuscript copyFamily
1957Tansman, AlexandreElsa de BerlinRadiophonic chamber music
20′Trp + A + voice + piano + percu + celloManuscript copy + esquissesBNF
1959Desportes, YvonneSonate pour un baptemeChamber music
18′Flute + A + voice or English horn + percu + pianoManuscriptPrivate Gourdet Collection
1961Desportes, YvonneLa maison abandonnéeChamber music
20′String trio + A + percu + pianoManuscriptPrivate Gourdet Collection
1964Desenclos, AlfredQuatuorChamber music
16′SATBManuscript (with long end)Private Gourdet collection
1966Loussier, JacquesSonateChamber music
10′A + pianoOut of printBNF
1966Bonneau, Paul Sauvage, CamilleComplainteChamber music
3′7 sax + ctb ad libManuscriptPrivate Bonneau collection
1966Bonneau, Paul Sauvage, CamilleSweet dollyChamber music
3′Sax ensemble + chamber ensembleManuscriptPrivate Bonneau collection
1968Robert, LucieDouble concertoConcerto
25′A + piano + chamber orchestraManuscriptPrivate Gourdet collection

Ferrand-Teullet, DeniseTrioChamber music
9′A + violin + pianoManuscriptPrivate Gourdet collection

Hoerée, Arthurn°8Chamber music
1′A + flute + bassoonManuscript copyBNF

Bonneau, Paul (pseudo Veneux, Thierry)HarposaxChamber music
2’30A + harpCopyFamily

Bonneau, Paul (pseudo Veneux, Thierry)SaxophoniaSolo